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Welcome to Biomedical Times – A new HUB for Biomedical Lovers!

Have a question about your final year project? Want to find out which subjects to opt for in the next semester? Biomedical Times offers to you a brand new BT Forum where you can post a topic and let your peers from around the world help you. From getting your doubts solved to helping others, from brainstorming on new ideas to discussing the existing technology, BT Forum is the place for you. Ask, answer and learn!

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BT will also approach students, professors, researchers and industry members from the field of Biomedical Engineering/ Sciences, to write an article for you in the Guest Blog. The attempt is to provide you with an insight from the different angles of Biomedical Engineering – be it academics, industry, research, marketing or sales. Watch out for a new article every alternate Saturday. For more information, visit Guest Blog.

It is an honest attempt from BT to make Biomedical engineering fun for you! BT believes that learning does not necessarily have to be stressful. You can learn while relaxing! Don’t believe us – Come, play the Biomedical Hangman. Or maybe, if you are interested in learning new (Biomedical) words, Flashcards has especially been created for you. Also, check your Biomedical IQ with Crossword Puzzles. Watch some cool Videos which will leave you awestruck and definitely inspire you to be a part of this field. Also, test yourself in the Quiz section, available in three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. E-Learning is another great resource to learn a lot about Biomedical Engineering with options like viewing Biomedical Engineering lectures from Yale University, lecture notes on a wide spectrum of subjects,  popular books available for download, cool games and an online debate.

Pulse – Your new social network! Now, form groups, make friends, follow your friends, update your status and lots more. This is a great opportunity to make friends with like-minded people from the field and to stay in touch with them. Also, have you always wanted to start a blog or build a site? Now, you can do just that at Biomedical Times. Go ahead and register a site under Biomedical Times (free!) and let the world follow your blog.

Biomedical Times Scratch Pad


And so, we have created the Scratch Pad. This is a page where you can showcase your talent – via photos, ideas, sketches, essays, narrations, your college biomedical gang pictures etc. Let the world know you. Your page, your ideas, your say!



Finally, this website is nothing without you and your valuable comments! Stay in touch with the team at Biomedical Times via the Contact Us page. We definitely want to hear from you – suggestions, comments, compliments, complaints, anything and everything. And yes, to keep up with the fun quotient of this site, there is a very interesting way to contact us too. Go, find out!

So, where would you like to go? Just click on your favorite banner!


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