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Flashcards offer an interactive and fun way to learn new concepts and words. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn new words or an expert who wants to check your grasp on the subject, flashcards are bound to keep you entertained. In this section, we have collected a number of words from different branches of Biomedical Engineering and have grouped them together under different names.

We suggest that you learn/understand at least 5 new words everyday. You can note down the words learnt in a separate book and keep revising them. Biomedical Times will keep introducing new set of words at regular intervals and also keep adding new words to the existing sets.

Please select one of the following sets:

Flashcards – Medical Diseases & Conditions










Flashcards – MATLAB Commands










Flashcards – Electronics Jargon










Flashcards – Medical Devices & Instruments

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