Cellular Neurobiology



Lec.                                        Topic

1              Introduction to the Nervous System (Download PDF)

2              Membrane Channels and Signaling (Download PDF)

3              Ionic basis of the Resting Potential (Download PDF)

4              Action Potential I (Download PDF)

5              Action Potential II (Download PDF)

6              Neurons as Conductors: Propagation of the Action Potential (Download PDF)

7              Electrical and Chemical Synaptic Transmission (Download PDF)

8              Mechanisms of Transmitter Release at Synapses (Download PDF)

9              Indirect Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission (Download PDF)

10           Biochemistry of Synaptic Transmission (Download PDF)

11           Learning and Memory I (Download PDF)

12           Learning and Memory II (Download PDF)

13           From Genes to Structure to Behavior (Download PDF)

14           Nervous System Development I (Download PDF)

15           Nervous System Development II (Download PDF)

16           Axon Guidance I (Download PDF)

17           Synapse Formation (Download PDF)

18           Fine-Tuning Synaptic Connections (Download PDF)

19           Vision I (Download PDF)

20           Vision II (Download PDF)

21           Hearing (Download PDF)

22           Olfaction and Other Sensory Systems (Download PDF)

23           Pain and Thermoreception (Download PDF)

24           Higher Order Cognitive Function (Download PDF)



Littleton, Troy, and William Quinn. 9.09J Cellular Neurobiology, Spring 2005. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare),http://ocw.mit.edu (Accessed 24 Aug, 2012). License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

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