Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

Here are a few renowned discoverers and inventors whose contributions have helped the  field of healthcare tremendously! Can you identify them and their contribution? Go on….flip the pages and check for yourself.

The answers are present below the book.
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Page 2: Thomas Fogarty – Invented the first balloon catheter.


Page 3: Charles Drew – Developed the first blood bank and a method for storing plasma. Also, he established the American Red Cross blood bank.


Page 4: Alexander Fleming – Discovered Penicillin.


Page 5: Dwight Harken – Creator of Intensive Care Units (ICUs).


Page 6: Frank Sanborn – Frank Sanborn’s company (founded 1917 and acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 1961 and since 1999, Phillips Medical Systems) converted the table model electrocardiogram machine into the first portable version weighing 50 pounds and powered by a 6-Volt automobile battery.


Page 7: Leland Clark – Invented the first device to rapidly determine the amount of glucose in blood. Also, called the ‘Father of Biosensors’.


Page 8: Godfrey Hounsfield -Invented the first commercially usable CT scanner.


Page 9: Hans Berger – Showed that it was possible to graphically record the extremely weak electrical brain waves. He named this recording the electroencephalogram (EEG).


Page 10: Ian Donald – Inventor of Ultrasound.


Page 11: Raymond V. Damadian – Invented MR Scanner.


Page12: René Laennec – First Stethoscope


Page 13: Robert Jarvik – Made the first Artificial Heart.


Page 14: Takuo Aoyagi – Invented the method of computing arterial blood saturation through pulsatile light variation in 1972.


Page 15: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen – Discovered X-Rays.


Page 16: Willem Einthoven – Developed a string galvanometer to graphically record the changes in electrical potential during contractions of the heart. He coined the term electrokardiogram (EKG), now changed to electrocardiogram (ECG).


Page 17: Willem J. Kolff – Made the first Artificial Kidney.


Page 18: Wilson Greatbatch – Invented the first Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker.


Page 19: Otto Wichterle – Inventor of Contact Lens along with his assistant, Drahoslav Lim.

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